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Brennen Halliwell


Brennen started skiing at age 6 and racing soon after. His earliest days were spent on the slopes of Rabbit Hill, and he and his family regularly travelled to Lake Louise from Edmonton (bouncing off their place in Canmore) where he got his taste for big mountains. He ripped up the ski race circuit all the way to FIS, and transitioned into a front flip, back flip, cork, flat spinning ski machine. He joined the Jasper Freeride mogul team and then later switched to the Lake Louise All Mountain club where he now is coaching and helping his athletes soar to new heights. While not on the slopes, Brennen is studying at MacEwan University with a goal of doing a Masters of Architecture. He is a huge car enthusiast and is often working on his WRB 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Did we mention he builds custom longboards on the side? Yes, Brennen is busy! He has Park and Pipe certification, Freestyle (CFSA) level 1 and is a Level 1 Instructor, and wants to see you get some big air!

Koeye Hart-McAllister


Koeye started skiing when he was just 3 years old following his snowboarding dad on a leash. He is a Invermere born boy who grew up on the slopes of Panorama. Being from a race hill, it wasn’t surpirsing he would learn all of his basic skiing techniques in the racing program. During the racing lessons he always felt a lack of freedom on the mountain. After two years in the program he decided that the all mountain program was a more natural fit. Freestyle was where Koeye saw his true potential and he eventually ventured off (self taught)  learning flips and spins in the backcountry and the park. He entered and won several rail jams at his local mountain and placed well in a couple of competitions.  Even though he feels at home in any terrain park, he also enjoys ski touring in the backcountry with his dad and shredding big mountains. Because he didn’t get the chance to go to a water ramp or use air bags,  he learned how to build powder jumps at Panorama to train for all kinds of flips. Certifications: Freestyle (CFSA) level 1.

Theo Van Zyl


I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Hamilton, Ontario when I was 11 years old. It was during school trips where I first learned to snowboard. After college studying Forestry, I moved to Alberta to fight Forest Fires. While living in Edmonton I got a part time job as a snowboard instructor at Rabbit Hill. After my first year of teaching snowboarding I decided to see what the hype of skiing was and got totally hooked. After 3 years at Rabbit Hill I moved to Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna. During my time at Big White I was coaching the Freestyle team and also was fortunate enough to grow the Freestyle team into its own Freeski/All mountain team. After 5 years of coaching and competing in some IFSA events, I’m making the move over to the Bow Valley. I have a huge passion for skiing, fly fishing and the outdoors. I love freeski, freestyle and having fun. My aim is to ensure everyone is having as much fun, laughing and challenging themselves as I am. Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, Snow Park Level 1, CFSA Club Coach, Level 1 Avalanche Skills Training. 

Alex “Army” Armstrong


The truths of how and why, she’s gonna help you become the best mountain athlete, you can be.  

1. Love of the sport.  When the snows flying, she gets an insurmountable joy in her heart, and an uncontrollable urge to glide through the majestic mountains, we all call home. She has woken up at 2 in the morning to shred fresh snow.  This was in September.

2. She comes from a long line of shredders. There are photos of her dad (dressed in full retro gear) throwing possibly, the sickest back scratcher ever.  At the ripe age of 2, she started skiing down the mountains.

3. Competitive ski racing took over from there.  She spent a year skiing FIS, and then transitioned into coaching.  She spent the next 7 years coaching ski racing.  She can and will give you decisive voice about correct ankle angulation as well as which is the best take off the Whale’s Tail in ER3, her favourite run at Lake Louise.

4. Flying full tilt off a 30 foot cliff, she’ll let out a loud “whoop” of joy/fear/adrenaline, and land softly transitioning into perfect soft turns… and/or dig a tip and trauma hawk. Either way, she gets back on the horse. Obviously she’s a top competitor in the local comps and FWQ.  

5. Despite her wild shredding, her mountain safety and cautious nature is further reflected in her years working Ski Patrol at Louise.  She has plenty of back country experience including several impressive descents. 

6. Plus, she has certifications such as; CAA Level 1 (Avalanche Avoider Course), EMR (Ambulance work, no problem), CSCF Level 2, Freestyle (CFSA) level 1, CSIA Level 1, Park and Pipe certified and Sponsored by K2 and Banff Soul.